The New Castle Jaycees is a leadership training organization with a hands-on approach.  We are a member chapter of the Delaware Jaycees and United States Junior Chamber, and Junior Chamber International and are the organization of choice for men and women 18 to 41 years of age, who want the best opportunities for community service, individual development, and leadership skills.

Jaycees worldwide create positive change through initiatives, where members are involved, leading, marketing, networking and most of all learning new skills to to make the organization, community and themselves better, all at the same time the community and world benefits.

Our members can be found in all walks of life – there are over 200,000 members in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world – but they have important character traits in common: passion for making a difference, interest in being part of something bigger than themselves, and a desire to grow and expand their horizons by being active in the community.

Our Founder, Henry Giessenbier, was the original active citizen. He took steps to engage other young people in 1914, and our members around the world have followed his lead ever since.

It’s easy to feel dwarfed when looking at the problems in the world. But the US Junior Chamber offers the unique opportunity to examine challenges holding communities back on a deep level. Our members systematically offer targeted, sustainable solutions in a team of dedicated peers. From poverty to illiteracy to the UN Millennium Development Goals, our members tackle serious issues without hesitation.

Famous alumni include past Presidents Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford, business tycoons such as Domino’s Pizza mogul Tom Monaghan, former Miss America Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson, as well as sports heroes like basketball great Larry Bird.

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As for New Castle Jaycees

We are seeking Volunteers – Members, Board members, Volunteers, Chair/leads for events, Lead for social…. Let’s make a difference!

Kirk Santure


Brandon Jennings

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P.O. Box 11484

Wilmington, DE 19850


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